Sunday 22 May 2011

22 May: Safely back at Base Camp

All are now safely back at BC!  Partha summited on 20th May!  Well done!  Starting return trip to Kathmandu.

Read more from Team member Jen's Blog updated with a few photos >>

Source: Team members blog Jen

Friday 20 May 2011

20 May: Summit Tweet (By Tim Team Leader)

The world's highest update from the summit of Everest! An amazing view. Off down to C2 soon once we've taken the obligatory photos. Tim


Tuesday 17 May 2011

17 May: Still waiting for a window (By Abi at Base Camp)

Well, a few days later at Camp 2 and the waiting game is ongoing. The weather is being rather fickle at the moment and this is making robust forecasting for summit windows rather difficult. Its not that the weather is dreadful, but at this altitude, you only get one chance at summiting mainly because ascending from the South Col to summit is so demanding. So, climbers do not want to waste their reserves on a summit window that is not a definite bet, so to speak. There is a lot at its important to save physical and emotional reserves for a clear window that provides enough time to allow for a serious summit bid.

Everyone in the team is raring to go and awaiting starters orders eagerly...........

(TIM's BLOG >>)

Sunday 15 May 2011

15 May: Watching and Waiting (By Abi at Base Camp)

Well, there have been ups and downs (quite literally) over the last few days with Tim's team on the mountain. The team ascended to camp 2 in excellent time and then rested for the following day.....building up the strength for the Lhotste Face and ascent to camp 3 the next day. So, next day was a pre-dawn Alpine start from camp 2 to avoid the searing midday heat and energy sapping effect of the sun while exposed on the Lhotse Face ascending to camp 3. The whole team reached the camp in good order, but understandably exhausted from the effort involved. Rest and rehydration was the order of the day, while weather forecasting information reaching base camp was indicating that wind speeds higher up the mountain appeared to be looking unfavorable for the following few days. Stay put or descend? That was the question........

After much deliberation, the decision to descend to camp 2 next morning was taken. To stay poised on the mountain, but rest at a more tolerable altitude until a window of opportunity arises. The team have had an excellent night sleep and awake with the hope that today's forecasting might indicate an easing of conditions sometime soon. Apart from some minor aches and pains from the efforts of ascending/descending Lhotse Face, everyone is in good health and clearly in the mood for a serious summit bid. We're all watching and waiting.........

(Tim's Blog >>)

Tuesday 10 May 2011

10 May: Thanks to Paul & National Sameday

Thank you Paul and all the crew at National Sameday for all your help and support

10 May: University of Bedfordshire

A big thank you to the University of Bedfordshire for their kind support - i look forward to sharing the stories.

10 May: Message to Vasant

Hi Vasant, thank you for your birthday wishes - beers when i get back for sure!  Thank you Vasant for all you support and help for the expedition.

10 May: Family & Friends

Thank you to all my friends and family for their support!

Sunday 8 May 2011

8 May: Birthday Celebrations at Base Camp

Base camp chef made a lovely birthday cake! had a great time with the team!

8 May: Message to Halai family, Pankaj & Vijay

Thank you to the Halai family for your kind birthday wishes - looking forward to catching up when i am back.

Pankaj and Vijay and all at Crystal Units - thank you for your kind support - Need to book out Everest for some chilli chicken and propa pukka beers when i am back.

8 May: Message to David

Thank you David for your birthday wishes - hope you have made a full recovery!

Friday 6 May 2011

6 May: Base Camp Everest

Am well.  Feeling much better than last time I came back from Camp 2.  Went to Camp 3. Really hard.  Sheer Ice face at 7,000m.  Resting at Base Camp Everest waiting for weather window.

Sunday 1 May 2011

1 May: Sad News

My thoughts and prayers are with the family and friends of the climber who sadly passed away today at Camp 3. 

1 May: Tutorial from the doctor

Yesterday chilled out at BC - feeling great after the rest of the last few days.  Today we have a tutorial from doctor on how to give injections and emergency high altitude medicine.  Then lesson on oxygen masks and regulators.  Tomorrow trekking to base camp Pomori.  Then next day straight up to C2 hard day. 

Friday 29 April 2011

29 April: Back at Base Camp

For our own safety we came back down to Base Camp Everest.  Exhausted.  Staying at Base camp for the next few days and see how it goes.  Rest and wait for weather to improve.

Thursday 28 April 2011

28 April: Arrived at Camp 2 Everest 6400m

Up at 5am to get ready.  Toothbrush frozen.  Feet were numb with cold.  As soon as sun came out got unbearably hot.  Felt like I got sun stroke when I got to Camp 2.  Ate and straight to tent for sleep.

To the Halai family, Thanks for your support and hi from Camp 2. 

Feel like passing out when getting to each camp.  4 day storm approaching so heading down to Base tomorrow morning.  Nite all.

Wednesday 27 April 2011

26 April: Arrival at Camp 1

Yesterday was a very hard day.  Was wasted when I got to Camp 1.  Couldn't move.  It took me 8 hrs. Slept well.  Lying in tent all day.  Burning hot from sun but blizzard outside.  Crazy.  Need to eat and drink water.  Really hard to deal with.  Off to Camp 2 tomorrow.

Monday 25 April 2011

25 April: The Khumbu Icefall

Training at the Khumbu Ice Fall.  Tomorrow onto camp 1 for two or three nights.  See how it goes.  All is fine here.

Saturday 23 April 2011

23 April: Arrived at Base Camp Everest

Finally arrived at Base Camp Everest! There are lines and lines of tents here.  Its snowing heavily so most people are staying in their tents.  Snow is likely to stay for next few days.  Dinner in mess tent and then bed!

Friday 22 April 2011

22 April: 6000m Summit

Was ok for the 6000 summit.  Great views from the top.  Got back to camp and had bad headaches all evening and night.  Dehydrated with only 1 water bottle all day.  Finally Base Camp Everest tomorrow!!!!!!  Am crazy excited!

Thursday 21 April 2011

21 April: Acclimatisation Training almost over

Acclimatisation training over the past 2.5 weeks have gone according to plan.  Last training session to 6000mtrs tomorrow and then onto Base Camp Everest this Saturday for the serious stuff

Wednesday 20 April 2011

Tuesday 19 April 2011

19 April: Rest Day Over

Final day of rest over.  Tomorrow will be on way to Base camp via 6,000m peak.  Probably will be at Base Camp on Saturday.

Sunday 17 April 2011

17 April: Dingboche

We have now reached Dingboche.  I am having good days and bad days but am feeling good today. We have dropped down to 4400m but will be going back up to 5200m to Kongma La. Before we travel to Base Camp and to help with our acclimatisation we will be summiting Pokalade which is a 6000m peak.  We should arrive in Base Camp in around 2/3 days time. 

Friday 15 April 2011

Partha's Everest Climb Updates

Unfortunately due to poor signals and low batteries it is difficult for Partha to post regular live updates. So I will try to keep family, friends and followers posted as and when I receive any news from him. As a catch-up to the last week I will blog as best as I can on his behalf with some maps and images from the start of his journey where his friend David and I had the honour and once in a life time experience of trekking off the beaten track up and alongside an everest expedition team. Amandeep :-)

Wednesday 13 April 2011

13 April: Tagnag

Day walk up to 5500m from Gokyo.  Now  dropped down to a rest day on a glacier covered in rocks.

Tuesday 12 April 2011

12 April: Gokyo

After camping near a lake on the way to Renjo La they started a 500m ascent up to the pass.  This will take them to 5300m which is the same as Base camp.  This will mean they are well acclimatised when they actually do arrive at Everest Base Camp.  It could also give the advantage that from Base Camp Everest they can head straight up to camp 1 and sleep there!

Sunday 10 April 2011

10 April: Arya

Partha trekked up the side valley called Arya.  They are heading for the Renjo Pass.  This area is very remote with only other locals also looking to head over this pass.  The accommodation is more basic and soon they will be in tents.  They trekked into the Cho La pass which is part of Tibet again for acclimatisation.  They will have another acclimatisation day and then will camp under the Renjo La.  They will then drop down to Gokyo Pass, lakes and teahouses again.

Receive an email from Partha who is doing well. His only complaint is of getting used to the cold and his cold feet!  But main thing he has no headaches.

Saturday 9 April 2011

9 April: Calling International Rescue

Partha is doing really well.  Dave is not feeling well.  My stomach is bearable but cramping thinking of trek back.  But when Dave stumbles into breakfast late and makes the statement “I feel like I am drunk”. Everyone stops still and our team doctor then steps up to take his stats.  So for you docs out there:

Blood Oxygen saturation level: 50-55%  (comparison others were around 93%)
RR: 30
BP: 158/90
Fluid on his right lung

Only way to cure david is to get down ASAP!  He is no state to walk, no state to sit on an animal to get back down the thin dry treacherous paths….executive decision made by Tim…HELICOPTER!!!  Our porter had already run down with our things and our climbing sherpa had to run after him to tell him to come back!!

In 2 hrs the helicopter will arrive from Kathmandu – flying conditions are good.  The lodge owner even manages to get her daughter on board from Kathmandu.  We head for the landing area and say our last goodbyes.  A few hours later you hear the propellers and a helicopter whizzes around and lands.  We are ushered up quickly and disappear over the hills waving goodbyes to the Everest team and for me to say last goodbyes to Partha.  Good luck and my prayers are with them.  They are all an amazingly strong team, fighting fit and with a great team leader they are definitely ready for this extraordinary challenge.

Friday 8 April 2011

8 April: Second rest day at Thame

Another rest day.  Lots of sleeping eating and packing again later.  The evening food is becoming a little monotonous.  But the Everest climbing team are going strong and starting to get to know each other better.  Chocolate is handed round a real luxury again (obviously partha declines ;-)).  But Dave and me are going off our food and tastebuds have no taste!  Partha has no trouble eating Sherpa soup, chips, egg, lentils, rice you name it he’ll eat it :-)  Good to see he has a healthy appetite.

Typical Lodge Bedroom good as it gets
room with a view

Thursday 7 April 2011

7 April: Rest Day at Thame

Rest day at Thame.  Its much colder here and when the sun is not shining you feel it.  The everest team trek up to the monastery where a puja ceremony has been arranged by the local monks.  Partha said it was a very rhythmic and soothing chanting and the climbers were then all given the blessed scarves (kharta).  They then went on to visit a local artist who had been trading in Tibet and on one his trips he had been caught out on a pass in a storm and was trapped in a snow-hole for 4 days wrapped only in the blankets that he was meant to sell. He survived but with frost bite to his hands and feet.  He now only has the stumps of his fingers but has learnt to paint for a living.
Parthas friend Dave is now unwell and coughing not a good sign.  I am down with a bug – its time for us to turn back and start our trek back down as the everest team trek further up tomorrow.

Wednesday 6 April 2011

6 April: Thamo to Thame

Same routine awaits us wake up, make sure bags packed for porter, eat breakfast, trek, drink tea, trek, eat lunch, trek, eat dinner and sleep! Also time to say goodbye to 3 people who will be going on to trek to Island Peak.  We are now heading to Thamo for lunch.  This trek you can feel is off the beaten track and we only see local people or yaks.  They are busy carrying their loads from old TVs to boxes of Everest Water, you name it they can carry it!  Yaks loaded up (a lot with red flags = watch out).  Partha narrowily misses being  horned by a Yak...hairy moment for him!  Potato farming by the whole family.  We walk past schools sponsored by great mountaineers of the past and spotted a second lamp post!  The trek then starts becoming more challenging and the paths are dusty, narrow and a continuous uphill and then downhill treks  even if mostly flat.

From Thamo we head to Thame.  On the way the group starts separating as everyone treks at their own pace.  This leads to Partha and me trekking on our own and then taking the wrong path and almost going  in a full circle back to Thamo!  Not a pleasant moment to see the others trekking on the other side of the hills!!  Slight panic sets in but luckily a mother and her young child show us the right direction and we meet up again at the lodge.  Exhausting long day.

Tuesday 5 April 2011

5 April: Rest day taking in views of Everest

Partha is back on track and we all trek up to everest view lodge.  We are lucky again and no clouds in sight so a clear view of the windy peak of Everest.  We trek back for another chilled out evening.  The price of bottled water increases the further you go up but seeing how the porters are carrying this all up its no wonder.  Pack again for our morning trek to Thamo. 

Prayer stone always walk to left


Monday 4 April 2011

4 April: Namche Bazaar to Kyamjuma

[3720m above sea level]
Up at 7.30am and start our trek to Namche Bazaar (3440m)…also known for being the steps of hell!  Arrived in time for lunch and just as the snow starts falling.  We eat lunch and the snow stops in time for us to continue our trek to Kyanjuma (3720m).  We will be staying at Amadablam lodge owned by the friendliest and most welcoming woman Tashi.  A travelled woman herself and astute businesswoman she has put in solar panels, hot showers…pure luxury!  Drinking lemon tea with the most spectacular views and in particular the beautiful mountain Amadablam which Partha climbed back in 2007.  Stunning.  We will be acclimatising and staying here for next 2 days with short trips in local area and to everest view lodge to see as it names says EVEREST!  Partha is suffering a little from altitude with headaches.


Sunday 3 April 2011

Map of complete Everest Trip

3 April: Flight to Lukla Aiport!

[2860m above sea level]
Made it to the airport went through all the checks which were questionable and very random.  We did manage to get on the first flights and boarded the small plane complete with air hostess who supplies cotton wool and a boiled sweet.  Views were spectacular and first glimpses of Himalaya mountain range.  Landed in Lukla airport with no issues only when you get out of the plane do you see the runway and the planes taking off and landing….crazy!  Time breakfast at Paradise Lodge where regular trekkers are greeted by a familiar face. Temperatures have dropped there is now a chill in the air which disappears as the sun comes out.  First very long trek starts past Phuk Ding and onto Monjo staying at Hill Top Lodge. 

Saturday 2 April 2011

2 April: Sightseeing, packing and shopping!

Last minute preparations and packing still underway.  But first a quick morning sight-seeing tour is on the agenda.  First stop is hindhu temple Paschupatinath and then onto BoudhaNath Stupa.  Later we meet back with everyone heading out for shopping at Shona’s in the Thamel district of Kathmandu. Some of the things she sells are genuine but then close to the genuine price ,-)  Just a few small accessories needed Trekking poles, gloves and hats check!  Evening dinner in Roundhouse pizza place to be told we will be trying for the first flight out of Kathmandu which means getting up at 4.30am.  We will be landing at one of the worlds most dangerous airports Lukla Airport!

Paschupatinath Temple

BoudhaNath Stupa

Friday 1 April 2011

1 April: Arrival in Kathmandu

We finally arrived in Kathmandu (27°C) after a long flight. We are staying in a pleasant and very central hotel for the next 2 days.  Everyone gets ready for a night out at Thai restaurant and then onto Sam’s bar apparently a long standing tradition for trekkers & climbers :-)

Saturday 19 March 2011

Press Coverage in Luton News

Press coverage in Luton News this week helping to promote my Mt Everest Challenge. 

Take a look at the article on

University supporting me in Everest challenge

Fantastic news the University of Bedforshire are supporting me to help in the research into global warming and with my Everest Challenge.

I will be interviewing older inhabitants to compile a record of what conditions were like in the past. These records will provide information on weather, timing of seasons, changes in vegetation, extent of glaciers etc going back over 50 years.

Read more here

Sunday 27 February 2011

32 days to go!

Please, please, please donate some money to my expedition expenses!!  Only have 4 weeks to raise all the money.  If anyone would like some marketing fallout out of their sponsorship then please contact me at

A Paypal account has been set up.  Even £5 will help!
Many thanks for all your help