Sunday 22 May 2011

22 May: Safely back at Base Camp

All are now safely back at BC!  Partha summited on 20th May!  Well done!  Starting return trip to Kathmandu.

Read more from Team member Jen's Blog updated with a few photos >>

Source: Team members blog Jen

Friday 20 May 2011

20 May: Summit Tweet (By Tim Team Leader)

The world's highest update from the summit of Everest! An amazing view. Off down to C2 soon once we've taken the obligatory photos. Tim


Tuesday 17 May 2011

17 May: Still waiting for a window (By Abi at Base Camp)

Well, a few days later at Camp 2 and the waiting game is ongoing. The weather is being rather fickle at the moment and this is making robust forecasting for summit windows rather difficult. Its not that the weather is dreadful, but at this altitude, you only get one chance at summiting mainly because ascending from the South Col to summit is so demanding. So, climbers do not want to waste their reserves on a summit window that is not a definite bet, so to speak. There is a lot at its important to save physical and emotional reserves for a clear window that provides enough time to allow for a serious summit bid.

Everyone in the team is raring to go and awaiting starters orders eagerly...........

(TIM's BLOG >>)

Sunday 15 May 2011

15 May: Watching and Waiting (By Abi at Base Camp)

Well, there have been ups and downs (quite literally) over the last few days with Tim's team on the mountain. The team ascended to camp 2 in excellent time and then rested for the following day.....building up the strength for the Lhotste Face and ascent to camp 3 the next day. So, next day was a pre-dawn Alpine start from camp 2 to avoid the searing midday heat and energy sapping effect of the sun while exposed on the Lhotse Face ascending to camp 3. The whole team reached the camp in good order, but understandably exhausted from the effort involved. Rest and rehydration was the order of the day, while weather forecasting information reaching base camp was indicating that wind speeds higher up the mountain appeared to be looking unfavorable for the following few days. Stay put or descend? That was the question........

After much deliberation, the decision to descend to camp 2 next morning was taken. To stay poised on the mountain, but rest at a more tolerable altitude until a window of opportunity arises. The team have had an excellent night sleep and awake with the hope that today's forecasting might indicate an easing of conditions sometime soon. Apart from some minor aches and pains from the efforts of ascending/descending Lhotse Face, everyone is in good health and clearly in the mood for a serious summit bid. We're all watching and waiting.........

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Tuesday 10 May 2011

10 May: Thanks to Paul & National Sameday

Thank you Paul and all the crew at National Sameday for all your help and support

10 May: University of Bedfordshire

A big thank you to the University of Bedfordshire for their kind support - i look forward to sharing the stories.